Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Tart Recipe

Welcome to IPINKIT! Stop everything you’re doing and watch this video immediately, you will not believe how delicious this gluten free vegan chocolate tart is. Specially, if you happen to have food allergies, you will be impressed with the flavor, as you really don’t miss out anything!!

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How to Make Nut Free Vegan Protein Bars

Welcome to IPINKIT!

Your fave YouTube channel for allergy friendly vegan recipes… I hope haha and if you are just discovering it, WELCOME and I hope it quickly becomes your favorite. I LOVE sharing with you easy recipes that can be customizable no matter the allergens you have, this is one where I’m giving you the base to make nut free vegan protein bars or if you prefer turn this into a homemade nut free vegan granola mix.

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